Home page gives 500 error instead of login page


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When logging in to XL Deploy from a browser where your user session has timed out, you will receive a 500 error (no such user).



XL Deploy version 8.0.0 or higher.


Add the following part to your deployit-security.xml file:

<bean id="userDetailsService" class="org.springframework.security.ldap.userdetails.LdapUserDetailsService">
        <constructor-arg index="0" ref="userSearch"/>
        <constructor-arg index="1" ref="authoritiesPopulator"/>

A new feature is introduced since version 8.0.0 which requires the above code when you set up your ldap. Possible cause can be that the content of the deployit-security.xml file is copied over from a version previous to 8.0.0 where that part wasn't required yet.

Additional Information

The deployit-security.xml file can be found in your XL_DEPLOY_HOME/conf directory.

A full example of how a deployit-security.xml file can look like, can be found here.


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