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Who receive notification and wheter it is configurable?

We ran into some email notification confusions:

1. A task assignee was supposed to receive an email reminder of a task. In addition to the assignee, the other two persons also received the notification. The other two were admins. But we have another admin who did not receive the notification so we think it is not because of the admin role. One admin received the notification has nothing to do with that particular release at all.

2. I was developing a template and constantly started new releases for testing. I did not know the whole team would receive email notifications when the release under development got started until someone in the team started complaining about it.

Is there documentation on who will receive email notifications at what situation? Is that configurable? Thanks.

Yeou-Fang Wang

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Hi Yeou-Fang

From XLR 7.0, notification settings are configurable on the global level, using symbolic roles like "Release admin", "Task owner", "Task Team" and "Watcher". See Configure Notification Settings in the documentation.

This is what you can do when developing a template that is in use, without interrupting use of the original template.

  • If not already in a folder, move the template into a folder and configure the teams.
  • Create a subfolder called 'Under development' 
  • In the 'Under development' folder, uncheck 'Inherit teams and permissions from parent folder' and configure the existing teams to only point at you
  • Copy the original template, disable triggers (if any) and move it to the 'Under development' folder
  • Update and test the template that's 'Under development'
  • When done, move the new template back up
  • Remove or rename the old template and disable triggers.
  • Enable triggers on new template

Would this work for you? 

Kind regards,

Hes Siemelink 0 votes

Hi, Hes,

Thank you for the information. This is actually very similar to what I am now asking our users to do except the trigger part. I will add that to our internal wiki. It is hard to ask people for follow the procedure unless the software actually provides a guided path and prevent people from using it outside the normal path.

Yeou-Fang Wang 0 votes