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Cannot connect to Xebia Deploy server from Jenkins

My Jenkins server and Xebia server are on the same machine.

I can connect to my Xebia server from a different Jenkins server (so firewall ports are OK) and I assume my Xebia server is fine as well (no issue through the browser)

When I enter my configration in Jenkins/Manage jenkins/COnfigure System, I get the following error:

XL Deploy configuration is not valid! org.jboss.resteasy.spi.ReaderException: RESTEASY003145: Unable to find a MessageBodyReader of content-type application/xml;charset=UTF-8 and type interface java.util.List

What am I doing wrong? I assume I have something missing on my Jenkins server but I could not find any specific requirement tied to the Xebia plugin. I checked my plugins with the other instance that can access multiple Xebia servers.


Laurent Rochette

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Hello Laurent,

This sounds like known issue - DEPL-12107.

From - now always returns the ZipEntry instance with a / ended entry name for directory entry

The API doc specifies "A directory entry is defined to be one whose name ends with a /". However, in previous JDK releases, entryName) may return a ZipEntry instance with an entry name that does not end with / for an existing zip directory entry when

    the passed in argument entryName does not end with a /, and
    there is a matching zip directory entry with name entryName + / in the zip file.

With this release, the name of the ZipEntry instance returned from always ends with / for any zip directory entry.

To revert to the previous behavior, set the system property to "false".

This change was made in order to fix a regression introduced in JDK 8u141 when verifying signed JARs that has caused some WebStart applications to fail to load.

You should be able to work around this by adding to the Java startup commands of Jenkins.


Adam Adrianson 1 vote



I am having the same issue. What is the location of this fix? Can you please let me know. 





Mohsien 0 votes



the fix is explained above, simply add to your jenkins startup script. Nothing to download or install

Laurent Rochette 1 vote

Could you please explain from where I can set in jenkins?

vickyrathore 0 votes