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Gathering useful information about your Deployit installation


Whenever you run into problems with Deployit and you ask for help it is useful to share details about the installation and configuration of you environment. To help you to gather this kind of information, we have written a special script.

The script exposes details about:

  • Deployit version
  • Repositories statistics about CI usage, Hosts and Deployments
  • Installed hotfixes, plugins and scripts
  • Synthetic and server configuration

It does not expose sensitive information about your environment, unless there is sensitive information in the Synthetic configuration. Always review the output before sharing it with other people.


The script can be viewed here or  downloaded directly.

For XLD 4.5.x versions please use this script and for XLD 5.0.x/5.1.x please use this script

The script needs to be run on the same system Deployit is installed on. The script requires python to be installed on you system. Please look here for information about installing python and the required libraries.

Install the script by putting it in the 'ext' folder of the Deployit CLI installation folder.

To run the script, run this command from the root folder of the Deployit CLI installation folder:

bin/ -expose-proxies -username user -password pass -f -- -server-home /opt/deployit-3.8.3-server

Notice that you need to replace the username, password and path to server installation directory with your own values.

The output of the script will be printed to the standard output of the commandline. To be able to share the output, you can write it to a file called output.log by appending:


Hopes this helps you.

Regards, Paul


XebiaLabs Support

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This script does not work anymore (XLD 4.5.1):


Deployit usage information, v0.2

-- Deployit --

   Deployit version: 4.5.1

-- Repository --

   CI usage:

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "/home/app_xldeploy/scripts/community/", line 205, in <module>


  File "/home/app_xldeploy/scripts/community/", line 65, in cicount

    descriptors = proxies.descriptors.list().entity.descriptors

AttributeError: 'com.xebialabs.deployit.cli.api.ProxiesInstance' object has no attribute 'descriptors'

Can you help ?


Romuald Fleury 0 votes

Some of this information is available under the 'about' link. See attachment.

Levent Tutar -1 votes

Hi Levent,

This script is mentioned (and linked onto) in the current 2015 version of the  XebiaLabs Support Book.

So I find it strange it refers to a script that only supports 3.* versions of XLD and does not work on current versions of XLD.

Does not look very professional in a support manual to publish outdated scripts.  

Could you please update the script for XLD 4.* and 5.* versions.


Regards, Ton 


A.F. van den Heuvel 0 votes

I would if I was working at XebiaLabs :)

I use the XebiaLabs products and try to share my knowledge here.

Levent Tutar 0 votes

sorry, my mistake, will submit a request for it.

Will update this post with answer from xebialabs.

Regards, Ton

A.F. van den Heuvel 0 votes