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Workaround for occasional UI refresh problems while executing tasks

It may sometimes happen that the UI does not refresh when a task is done executing, giving the impression that a deployment is still in progress. We are aware of the issue yet unable to reproduce it consistently.

The workaround is to refresh the UI when this occurs.

If you regularly run into this issue, please log an issue with support so we can attempt to discern a pattern. Try to include information about:

  • how consistent does the problem occur
  • changes in your network
  • task type
  • errors in the logging
  • your environment e.g. is Deployit behind a reverse proxy etc.

Thank you for understanding,

Ric Klaren


Ric Klaren

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Hi Ric,

We are able to reproduce the issue. I am now creating an issue. I'll write the issue number here later.

Benito Prijs 0 votes

Hi, I am curious how this issue was addressed, our Dev team everyone now and then after lets say couple of weeks of Deployit interface usage they get an error  

Failed to start deployment :Error #2032 


and when they refresh the page they find the app already deployed, this error persists even when they close the browser and clear all cache and cookies, it gets solved by restarting the PC of the person who is getting the error so it seems to be a memory cache issue

Mohamed El Hossary 0 votes