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Fixed: Apache http daemon crashing after startup.

On some (oracle linux 6) servers our Apache http daemons crashed every time immediately after startup, but only if restarted by XLDeploy. Nothing in the error logs...
Here's what we found:
The affected hosts had an overthere connection type INTERACTIVE_SUDO.
So the ssh connection has a pseudo TTY allocated, which will be cleaned up upon disconnect.
The startup command of Apache returns before Apache has been completed its startup. If you yank the TTY during this phase Apache will crash.
In our case we could swich the overthere connection to regular SUDO by setting !requiretty for the xldeploy user, to solve the problem.
Alternatively you could include a sleep of a few seconds into the (re)start command, to keep the TTY available until startup has completed.

Bastiaan Bakker

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