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How to assign unique user to certain role in release template?

 It seems like teams, roles and permissions and assumed to be common across all releases at least in a certain folder.  However, I would like to assign unique users to certain roles (defined in the template) per release.

For the sake of explanation, let's consider a wedding planning template:

- In the template I could specify roles (one-person teams?) called "Bride" and "Groom" and pre-assign those generic teams to particular tasks

- When I create releases based on that template I could specify which users will take the role of "Bride" and "Groom" for that release without having to manually assign all those tasks to the users.

How could I achieve this scenario?

John M

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I figured this out.

It can be done with Teams & Permissions, by creating blank teams and assigning tasks to those teams in the template.  Then when the release is created, just assign members to those teams so that they inherit those task assignments.

However, this can only be done if the template is hosted in the root folder.  If the template is in any subfolder then teams are inherited form the parent and new ones cannot be created per template.

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