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calendarPublished property

While working with setting start/end dates on Release via REST API, I notice a property called "calendarPublished". I' m in XL Release 7.2.0.

1. What does this property do? I didn't notice anything explicit in the documentation nor UI which suggests its function.
2. I try setting it to true when creating a Release via REST, but the response back still shows it as false.

My request body looks like: {
"scheduledStartDate": "2018-07-01",
"releaseTitle": "test",
"calendarPublished": true,
"autoStart": true

The json response shows calendarPublished as "False" though:

scheduledStartDate: 2018-06-30T20:00-400
dueDate: 2018-06-30T21:00-400
calendarPublished: False

Eric Kent

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Hi Eric

The property indicates whether there is a publicly accessible link that contains a calendar event that you can use in Outlook.

It is set on the Release Properties page. See also

It is  not copied over from the start release request -- you may try updating the property on the release once it is created.

Hope this helps!

Kind regards,

Hes Siemelink

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Ah, I see. The dashboard release details view has a calendar event export link, so I thought that couldn't be what the property did.  I didn't notice the checkbox in the release properties page.

Thanks for the help, Hes!

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