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Blackouts and postponing tasks during backouts


We are really new and not even using Xebia Labs XL Release and XL Deploy in productions yet.  I have been looking into the use of blackouts and postponing tasks during blackouts.  I see it is easy enough to set blackouts on the calendar, and on tasks the option is to check or leave unchecked 'postpone during blackout'.  It doesn't seem like there is a way to have specific tasks follow specific blackouts, seems like all tasks with 'postpone during blackout' checked follow all blackouts.  Since you can have multiple blackouts with different labels, how can you have tasks follow specific blackouts?

sharon shimanek

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Hi Sharon, 

Thanks for reaching out that's an interesting question , and would like to convert this into a Feature Request. It would help if you can as well provide some use cases you foresee this feature can be leveraged in your company.

Best Regards,

Chitrang Natu


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